Vintage Church Cookbook: Favorite Recipes of Thorn Grove Baptist Church (1978)

Favorite Recipes of Thorn Grove Baptist Church (1978), from a small congregation in rural Tennessee, is a standout favorite in my vintage church cookbook collection.  Don’t be deceived by the simple cover art and handtyped presentations – these are great recipes filled with bright flavors and personality.  These folks must have thrown amazing potlucks.  A full list of recipes adapted from Favorite Recipes of Thorn Grove Baptist Church (1978) can be found here. Among my favorites:

Sunshine Carrots (Tennessee, 1978, adapted)

Sunshine carrots is a simple, tasty glazed carrot recipe. I was originally drawn to this recipe by the cheery name – who doesn’t love sunshine? – but it also serves a practical purpose for the members of our family who don’t like cooked carrots.  Sunshine Carrots hides their funkiness with a sweet ginger orange glaze. 

Fire and Ice Tomatoes (Tennessee, 1978, adapted)

This recipe has got personality top to bottom, from the provocative title to the spicy flavors to the sassy instructions.  It’s a simple tomato salad with zesty spices (the fire) and cucumbers (the ice).  The original recipe describes the spice mix as ‘sultry’, which seems entirely appropriate.  It’s perfect for a zippy summer salad or even as a hamburger topping.

Meat Balls in Dill Sauce (Tennessee, 1978, adapted)

Meat Balls in Dill Sauce is a hearty meal unto itself, delivering a one-two-punch of meat and potatoes.  There are plenty of ground beef and condensed soup dishes out there, but the dill lends enough character to make this one feel almost fancy.  It pairs well with egg noodles, rice, or hot buttered rolls and a leafy green vegetable.

Click here for a full list of the recipes on this site adapted from Favorite Recipes of Thorn Grove Baptist Church.


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