Red Hot Apple Wieners (adapted from The Best of Beta Sigma Phi Cookbook, 1991)

Forgive me, but I just can’t pass up an opportunity to write up a recipe called Red Hot Apple Wieners.  I’m a little bit horrified to think about what sorts of internet searches will find this page.   I found the original recipe for Red Hot Apple Wieners in The Best of Beta Sigma Phi Cookbook (1991)After I stopped giggling I realized this recipe has potential to be pretty good.  Four hot dogs yields 8 servings, so it’s also a great way to stretch out your wieners for a large group.

The recipe itself reminds me of one of our household favorites:  Cheeseburger Rice.  This was a cheap and simple recipe cribbed off of the back of a box of Uncle Ben’s way back when.  It’s exactly what it sounds like:  ground beef cooked with some minced onions, plus ketchup, mustard, and shredded cheese.  Serve it over rice and you’ve got a meal fit for a grade schooler.   It’s fallen out of favor in our house since the kids have gotten older, but we still whip it out every so often when we’re feeling too lazy to cook.

Red Hot Apple Wieners are kind of the same deal.  They’re a little bit more prep work than regular hot dogs but they’re also kind of a prepackaged deal.  Everything’s ready at once, hot from the oven, without the need to cart a bunch of condiments to the table.  Raw wieners are chopped up with apples and a little bit of onion, then tossed with ketchup and shredded cheese.   Spoon it into a buttered bun with mustard, wrap it in foil, and bake until it’s heated through.   The baked apples work like a sweet relish, and the pre-chopped hot dogs make this meal toddler-safe.  They’re great as is, but on my trial run I realized they needed a little bit of oomph.  I had a serrano pepper in the fridge and found that this fixed things up nicely.  Sour pickles or jalapeños might also do the trick.  Maybe not the right solution if you’re feeding toddlers, but for grown-ups it’s a must.

It’s hard to recommend a side dish or pairing for something like Red Hot Apple Wieners.  This is slumber party food, best served with a giant bag of chips and sugary sweet soda.   It could also be picnic food, served with baked beans and potato salad.   Either way it’s a fun way to serve up a wiener.  Enjoy!


Red Hot Apple Wieners (adapted from The Best of Beta Sigma Phi Cookbook, 1991)

  • Preparation: 15 min
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Ready in: 35 min
  • For: 8 wieners
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  1. Preheat oven to 350º F
  2. Chop wieners into small pieces. Toss with remaining apple, onion, pepper, cheese and ketchup.
  3. Open the hot dog buns. Butter one side and spread mustard on the other. Spoon filling into the buns and wrap individually in aluminum foil.
  4. Bake for 20 minutes at 350º F. Serve in the foil packages directly from the oven.

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