Fire and Ice Tomatoes (Tennessee, 1978, adapted)

This recipe has got personality top to bottom, from the provocative title to the spicy flavors to the sassy instructions.  It’s a simple tomato salad with zesty spices (the fire) and cucumbers (the ice).  The original recipe describes the spice mix as ‘sultry’, which seems entirely appropriate.  It’s perfect for a zippy summer salad or even as a hamburger topping.

Cheddar Cheese Cabbage and Sausage

In a previous post I braved the weirdness of Cabbage-Cheese Chowder, a weeknight soup from a mid-70s recipe collection made from condensed cheddar cheese soup, cabbage, and diced baloney.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s hardly some hidden culinary masterpiece, but the cheddar soup and cabbage pair pretty well together.  The baloney is still baloney, but……