Fire and Ice Tomatoes (Tennessee, 1978, adapted)

This recipe has got personality top to bottom, from the provocative title to the spicy flavors to the sassy instructions.  It’s a simple tomato salad with zesty spices (the fire) and cucumbers (the ice).  The original recipe describes the spice mix as ‘sultry’, which seems entirely appropriate.  It’s perfect for a zippy summer salad or even as a hamburger topping.

Curried Carrot Croquettes (adapted from Sunset Wok Cook Book)

The recipe that perhaps best showcases the spirit of Sunset Wok Cook Book is  Curried Carrot Croquettes.   It fits with the vaguely Asian theme of the cook book (India’s in Asia, yo) and still maintains the mid-80s suburban dinner party vibe of the rest of the book.  It’s also a great way to use a……